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Babel hackathon

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Babel hackathon, at LeLoop, on 19-21 July 2013

A hackathon dedicated to the Babel wireless mesh routing protocol will be held during three days in Paris, at the LeLoop.org hackerspace. The event primarily aims at testing the new features of Babel (diversity, RTT metric, source-specific routing, etc...) in a real-world environment.



From Friday 19 July, 9.00, to Sunday 21 July, 22.00


GareXP, home of LeLoop.


See http://framadate.org/studs.php?sondage=q4hlhbsehmh37kgm




  • 14h Juliusz Chroboczek: "À propos de quelques extensions récentes au protocole Babel" (in French)
  • 14h30 Baptiste Jonglez: "Utiliser le délai comme métrique pour Babel" (in French, slides in English)
  • 15h Matthieu Boutier: "Routage spécifique à la source" (in French)


  • From 16h on Saturday and from 14h on Sunday: "Babel pour les débutants" by Err404. Environ 30 minutes, je vais expliquer comment utiliser Babel avec une configuration de base sur GNU/Linux Debian (en français, mais avec des bouts d'anglais selon la demande). "Babel for Noobs", about 30 minutes, I will explain how to use Babel with base config on GNU/Linux Debian (in french, but with pieces of english on demand)

Planned experiments

Different setups will be in place during the hackathon. One of the goals is to test and evaluate these setups.

Some ideas that we might want to test:

  • Babel-z evaluation, using a network of multi-radio routers (Juliusz & Benjamin)
  • IPv6 multihoming demo (Matthieu)
  • Setting up hybrid routers: classical AP, with traffic routed through the Babel backbone (Baptiste)

This list is not exhaustive, and we might come up with other ideas during the week-end.

Items to bring along

  • laptop/computer
  • compatible router(s) with OpenWRT pre-installed
  • WiFi antenna(s) and connectors
  • Food


We provide the following:

  • electricity
  • internet connectivity
  • meeting place
  • coffee and tea
  • toilets

We can arrange hosting if needed, but please get in touch soon enough.


IRC: #babel on irc.freenode.net